Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tomorrow we are starting the Sunday 10:00 am class at RF, Nathan and I will be co-leading the class for a few weeks to help me get my feet wet, then I will be flying solo.  We were originally thinking that a couple people might show up at the start of this and it would take awhile to catch on.  Boy were we mistaken...It sounds like we are going to have over 20 people there tomorrow.  It will be a lot of fun and I am excited to be working with everyone who comes in on Sundays.  

So yesterday I took a day vacation day and went up to Timberline with some friends for a day of snowboarding.  The conditions were amazing and it was blue sky the entire day.  I felt really comfortable on my board and am finally getting used to going fast and not worrying so much about falling.  
Before we went up I worked out in the 6:30 am class because I didn't want to miss out on doing dead-lifts.  I have been nursing some back pain all week so I decided to take it easy and go a little light.  I was not happy about going light, but it was my own call because I do not want to get a bad injury.  I remember kind of being in a bad mood that morning because I couldn't give 100%.  I hate having to take it easy in anything I do.  Anyways, I don't remember how the progression went, but after the 3rd set of 5 I think I was around 275 and I didn't have any back pain but I did have a strong pull in my glutes....but no back pain.   So by my 5th set of 5 I made it up to 315  and knocked it out with no problems.   It felt so good that I thought about doing another set but, realized I should just be thankful I got to 315 with no pain.  
Then we hit the mountain all day and I thought for sure when I woke up this morning that I would be in a lot of pain.  Well, nothing...I felt better this morning then I did all week.  My back got a little tight by the end of the day today, but I am wondering if that tight pull in my glutes actually helped my back out.  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like I have said before I always enjoy work outs with Kettle-bells.  For our strength/skill today we did 1 arm push presses with the KB.  I like the focused muscles this hits and I feel like I get a lot stronger with my press when we do these, like it gets easier every time to increase weight each week.  I was able to go up from 32k to 36k today on my fifth set.  Even though I was able to lock out every time I felt like I didn't have as much control on the way down, so I will probably stay at that weight next week and try a new technique when racking it that Nathan suggested. 

I got my Freedbord from the UPS man today and gave it a try tonight for a little while.  It is hard, but I started getting the hang of carving before I started getting too cold and hung it up for the night.  Only fell one time....right on my butt!  That kinda hurt....hahaha

Busy day tomrorow!  Working out at 6:30 am and then hitting Timberline for a day of snowboarding!  I am so psyched to get up there.  They have gotten sooooo much new snow this week.  

Work out:

1 arm kb push press 5 on each arm 20k/24k/28k/32/36k
10 plank rows 20k 5x
5 Spidermans 5x

run 1 lap
3 TGU each side with sand bag.
10 weighted situps
Heavy med ball carry 75 lbs. 90 lbs.

I got in 2 rounds


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great night at the gym! I pushed pretty hard, pretty much to the point I could have lost my lunch in the 4th round. GOOD STUFF! hahaha
We did 4 rounds of a 30/30 work out, this is the kind of work out that is up to you to decide on how hard you want to push. I just happened to jump into a group with someone that I do not know very well but found out that that she is very competitive. As much as I tried to keep up with her on sprints there is just no way she was going to let me pass her. It made the work out fun and it probably pushed me harder then I normally would have gone. : )

Work out:

3 TGU's each side
10 power wheel roll outs
8 ring dips

WOD: 30/30 4 rounds

bear crawl


Oatmeal, flax, glutamine, protein
Protein, water
chicken spinich, blackbean burrito from laughing planet
protein, water
1/2protein bar

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not sure if I have discussed Glutamine before, but it is something I have been taking for about 4 months now. You can read about the help it provides for intense training below. But some of the other things that aren't listed is the fact that it strengthens your nails and hair. My nails used to crack pretty easy but since taking this stuff, they are much stronger and healthier. Read below, the experts can explain everything a lot better then I can.

•Most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle often
depleted due to training,stress and poor diet.

•Can be utilized to repair trained muscles and support
the natural production of human growth hormone.

•Supports the immune system.

•Allows for more intense training sessions.

•Involved in more metabolic processes than any other
amino acid.

•Speeds recovery and prevents muscle wasting.

Produced in the body naturally, Glutamine is the
most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle and is often depleted due to
training, stress, and poor diet. Research indicates that bodybuilders, fitness
and strength athletes, and other active people often do not produce enough
Glutamine within their liver to restore critical Glutamine levels within a
reasonable time frame following training.
Glutamine is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino
acid. Glutamine is converted to glucose when more glucose is required by
the body as an energy source. It serves as a source of fuel for cells lining
the intestines. Without it, these cells waste away. It is also used by white
blood cells and is important for immune function. In hospitals, Glutamine
is used for patients that have severe burns to speed recovery and prevent
muscle wasting.
Supplemental Glutamine can be utilized to repair trained muscles and
support the natural production of human growth hormone, which is
important to muscle recovery and gains. Glutamine can also support the
immune system, and allow for more intense training.

We did a partner work out today. It was a lot of fun and a great work out. I know I will be feeling that in my abs tomorrow.

Work out:

Partner work out
1000 meter row
50 ring rows
100 double KB cleans / 35 lbs.
100 sit up med ball pass / 20 lbs.
50 knees to elbows
two handed walking KB swing / 45 lbs.

Food: After a bad weekend, I am back on my is a more detailed description of what I am eating and what supplements I am taking.

6:30 am 3/4 cup oatmeal, flax, glutamine, 30 grams of protein (maxpro)
8:30 am 1 scoop Max Gourmet, glutamine, 8 oz water (meal replacement drink)
9:30 am 1 scoop ISO Extreme with 8oz water (quick release protein used before and after work out)
11:30 am 2 scoops of ISO Extreme + 2 scoops of Max ACM with 16 oz water (quick release protein and triple carb complex/loader)
12:30 pm Turkey sandwich - 6 oz turkey, hummus, lettuce, onion, tomato on whole wheat bread.
3:00 pm
1 scoop Max Gourmet, glutamine, 8 oz water (meal replacement drink)
6:00 pm CPK - Waldorf chicken salad...contains field greens, grapes, apples, candied walnuts, blue cheese and a Dijon dressing that I keep on the side and use sparingly.
8:00 pm 1 scoop of maxpro ( weigh protein ) with 8 oz of water.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Spent the day trying to relax the body. Did a pretty good job of it, we went out and did a little shopping and saw a movie. Then I came home and thought of different ways to abuse my body...hahaha See video below! I WANT ONE! : )

Work out: NONE!


Oatmeal, glutamine, flax oil, protein
protein, water, glutamine
greek salad from Panera
strawberry smoothie
a bunch of Almond M&M's during the movie
oatmeal, glutamine, protein

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dadlift Friday!!! I love the up to 305 x5 on our fith set today. Still had more in me, but playing it safe for now and just keeping good form and making sure I don't get hurt. I saw some people going heavier tonight then they ever have....I think there are going to be a lot of new PR's at the end of the cycle. Some people are already doing more in their 2nd week then their 1 rep max at the end of the last cycle.

Work out:

Deadlift ( I can't remeber the pregression) 5 sets of 5....last set was 305 for 5.


dot drills
hip slaps
power wheel
double unders


oatmeal with stuff in it. hahaha
protein, water
chef salad
half protein bar
laughing planet burrito and a few chips (feeling bloated now)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Basics

So I have been getting a lot of questions about how I lost all the weight. I wanted to give everyone a couple basic things I did and still do that were key for me. Keep in mind this is before I started working out. While working out it is important to add more protein to your diet.

1. Eat something every 3 hours. This will keep your bodies metabolism moving and is key to losing weight no matter what kind of diet you are on. Here is an example of a day of eating every 3 hours....

6 am - 1 whole-wheat English muffin with 1 & 1/2 tbsp of unsalted almond butter

9 am - 1 oz of unsalted cashews, 1 string cheese, apple

noon - Turkey Sandwich with mustard (no mayo) and lettuce/tomato

3 pm - 5 low sodium triscuts, 1 lowfat yogurt, celery

6pm - 5 oz of fish or chicken, 1 1/2 cups of steamed veggies, 1 cup of brown rice

That is a pretty organized day and you really don't want to eat after that last meal....if you need something have another fruit or a string cheese to get you by until you fall asleep.

2. Drink at least 64 oz of water a is pretty safe to say that not many people do not drink this much water and it is VERY important not only for weight loss but our bodies recovery.

3. Stay away from heavily processed foods such as fast food, frozen dinners, fruit in cans, etc...anything that has a lot of preservatives in it. Try and eat things with an experation date on it and try cooking for yourself and plan your meals out.

4. Stay away from salts. Try and eat low sodium foods.....things that are under 500 or 400 grams per serving.

These are the basics of what I did. Sticking to it is obviously the most important thing. You can work so hard during the week and lose 2 pounds ( which 1 -2 pounds is a normal weight loss) and blow your diet on the weekend and gain back those 2 pounds you worked so hard on in 1 day. So if you do go off of your plan try and make decisions like eating every 3 hours, drinking water, and staying away from salt.

Feel free to ask more detailed questions or ideas....I have been doing this long enough that I have a few ideas up my sleeve. ;)

Work out:

kb Push press 16k/20k/24k/28k/32k 5 each arm
plank rows 20k 5x

15 minute WOD

run 2 laps
10 pull ups
Finished 4 rounds


oatmeal with supliments
water with protein
baja chicken salad from Grand Central bakery
water with protein
6 oz of chicken
2 cups of steamed veggies

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bounced Back

What a strange day. I think I ended up with a little food poisining or something because I flet like crap all morning and then ended up haaving a small gaul bladder attack that lasted about 30 minutes. Thank God for taking that pain away, those usually last a good 4 hours or more when they come on. You are all going to think I am crazy about this, but my Dr. said I should have my gaul bladder removed, but she said I can't do anything physical for 6 weeks afterwards. She has no idea how depressed and miserable I would be if I couldn't work out for 6 weeks! hahaha So I do a good job of controling it, but like I said...whatever I ate the night before probably did it to me because the meat I ate looked like a mystery. ughhhh So after lunch today I started to feel good again and all my sore muscles that I woke up with were gone.

I was still dreading going into hot yoga tonight because of how hard it was for me last night, but for the first time I made it through the whole class without stopping to rest. So all that whining I did this morning about how sore I was can be thrown out. I am so happy with these quick recoveries...I hope they last!

I am heading back home tomorrow and back into RF, my home gym. YEAH!!!!!!

Work out

90 minutes of hot yoga


4 eggs, 1/4 cup oatmeal
protein, water
CPK Waldorf salad
protein bar
chicken pho with about 12 oz of chicken.

Hurtin' Dude

I think having all this energy can work against me sometimes. I have a hard time listening to my body sometimes when it is screaming at me to stop because my mind is saying go for it you can do more. Last night was a good example of this as I got out of my car to walk up to my hotel room my legs were hurting!! It wasn't like they were just a little calves hurt, my hamstrings hurt, my butt was cramping and my quads were still on fire from the hot yoga class I just finished. At that point my body was talking to me louder then my mind. When I hit the bed last night I was out like a light. When I got up this morning I felt a lot better and my legs feel pretty fresh again. My knees definately do not, but I think that is mainly from falling on the ice while snowboarding on Sunday. I am just going to have to becareful the rest of the week and see if I can get them to heal up.

Anyways, love all the stuff I am doing and amazed that I can do it all still. To think that a little over a year ago I would be out of breath just bending over to tie my shoes and if my legs were sore it was because I walked up a flight of stairs. hahaha CRAZY!!

Work out:

Skill -
8 weighted lunges
10 plank power wheel
1 other thing I cant remember


*run 2 times around the building then*
2 hand swing 24k
goblet squat 24k
push ups
mountain climbers

Did 90 minutes of hot yoga in the evening.

Oatmeal, flax, glutamine, protein
Protein, water
chicken salad from applebees
protein, water
protein bar
Chicken pho and a spring roll

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great weekend!

I had a great weekend.  Here is the quick run down:

Saturday was 80's day at the gym was a blast!  We got some great photos, I will post some later.  The work out was tough and I felt those heavy med ball cleans in my legs the next day.

Did some things with the family and had a wonderful dinner with my wife at Mama Mia's for Valentines day.  

Sunday I spent snowboarding with some great friends from the gym. The day was perfect.....the conditions were awesome and we got a lot of really good runs in.  I am just exhausted from the boarding today so I am going to keep all of this really short. 

Bottom line!  It was a Fantastic weekend and was full of laughter, great friends and one sore body! 


I ate when I could and what I could. Not horrible, but not great either.  I even had to turn down a leaf of lettuce from Tiff and ate a protein bar instead.  :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Deadlift Day

We are back to dead lifting again at the gym. HOORAY! We started off light today and worked on form. It felt really good to get back over the bar. I am setting my goal at 400 lbs by the end of the cycle. My old PR was 375 and it was shaky. The last time we did the cycle I was not worried about form and bounced the bar a lot to help get more reps. I plan on taking good controlled motion this time and really focusing on having good form, because with the kind of weight we will be lifting, it is easy to injure yourself if you get sloppy.


Strength - Deadlift 5 sets of 8
12 jackknives after each round

After that I worked on rope climb and did the powerwheel. I have a nasty rope burn under my shin from climbing. I hope it doesn't rub in my boot while snowboarding on Sunday.


Oatmeal, flax, glutamine, protein
protein, water, glutamine
chicken salad, nuts, cranberries
protein,water, glutamine
6 oz talapia, 1 cup of brown rice
1 skinny cow icecream

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Push Press PR

After last weeks attempt at Push Presses I wasn't thinking I was going to break my PR going into our last part of the cycle. I only got to 165 last week. I felt great once I got into my reps and everything just started coming together. I made it to 200 lbs. for a 1 rep max. It felt really good to break into the 200's.

On the gym's blog they posted some Before and After photos of me and said some very nice things. It is great to be a part of Recreate Fitness and have so much support from Nathan, Tina and everyone else there. I could not be getting the kind of results I am seeing anywhere else. So many people came up to me and congratulated me on my success. It was great to hear and it just makes me want to keep up all the hard work I am doing. My life has changed dramatically in the past year.....even more so in the past 3 months since being a part of RF. I can't see what the next couple months has in store.

Work Out:

Push Press 135/135/155/175/185/195/200
10 x-chop to Halo

WOD 2 rounds

kb plank row 20k
10 weighted push ups

chicken gyro
chicken/veggies/brown rice

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Night Boarding

I am headed up so Ski Bowl tomorrow for some night boarding with David....I can't wait to get up there and into some of that new snow. Hopefully the roads will be clear, my car sucks in the snow and I really don't want to have to chain up.

I subscribed to a new magazine that I am excited about. It is called "Clean Eating" This magazine is packed full of recipes that I actually want to make and totally fit my current eating habits.

I had a busy day today so I got up early to work out. This was my first 6:30 am class...not sure I will be doing another anytime soon. I just could not get into it that early. hahaha Class kicked my butt today.

Work out:

Skill - 3 rounds/ 5 dead hang pull ups / 8 ring dips / 5 swing, hi pull, snatch

WOD: Tabata

double kb clean
push ups
rope snaps


5 am oatmeal, flax oil, glutamine, protein
9 am protein, glutamine, water
noon laughing planet burrito
2:30 protein, glutamine, water
4:00 a few triscuts and a string cheese
6 pm chicken curry and veggies, brown rice
6 pm fruit smothie with protein

Monday, February 9, 2009

Building Blocks

Below I copied some advice for building muscle from some websites that I agree with and the things listed below are the basics of what I have been doing everyday to help my performance. I always make sure I have a good amount of protein in me at least 30 minutes before a work out and I always take equal amounts of protein and carbs and 16 oz of water within 30 minutes of completing a work out. Everyone is different and need different things but this is what has been working for me the past couple months and I am sticking to it for now.......

***You can only build muscle if your body is in the correct anabolic balance to allow growth to take place. Intensive exercise is clearly an important part of the muscle building process but achieving the maximum muscle mass depends on putting the building blocks in place. This is achieved through sound nutritional practices so you need to be aware of the following anabolic enhancing principles

Protein is the basic raw material needed to build muscle. Protein supplies the amino acids that the body uses to repair and build muscle following intensive exercise. Aim to consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day from food like beef, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and whey. Spread the load over at least six meals to derive the optimum benefit and avoid overloading the liver.

Carbohydrates are needed to energize the muscle building process. Carbohydrates stimulate the release of insulin which pushes the amino acids into muscle cells to begin the process of repair. The body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy - consume too little and the body will steal protein that would otherwise be used for repairing and building muscle. Aim to consume 1.5 to 2 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight each day from foods like brown rice, vegetables and whole wheat bread.

Get plenty of rest both in terms of adequate rest days between training sessions and sufficient sleep. Your muscles won't grow if you don't build adequate recovery time into your training program. Similarly, you can only optimize your body's levels of testosterone and growth hormone if you spend enough time sleeping.

Consume quality supplements to support a sound nutritious diet. For most people it should be enough to add protein and l-glutamine to your daily diet.

Drink plenty of water. Failure to drink sufficient quantities of water will lead to dehydration and adversely affect your muscle mass. Don't forget that muscle is 70% water so a generous intake will maintain muscle volume and help growth.***

We had a great work out today. I think sometimes these short WOD's kick my butt more then some of the longer ones because I am able to go all out. This was a fun one!


Strength - Deadlifts....we were working up to our 1 rep max today. I am nursing a tight groin muscle so I was pretty nervous to go heavy. I got to 205.


ball slam - 20 lbs
Kettle bell snatch 16k

Time 8:47


6 am - Oatmeal, flax oil, glutamine, protein
9 am - protein, glutamine, water
1pm - chicken gyro
3pm - protein, glutamin, water
6pm - 8 oz tuna steak, 2 cups of steamed veggies
9m - Protein, water

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fight Went Good

Finally the hype is over and things can get back to normal. We did the Fight Gone Bad benchmark today and it was a lot of fun. I was there for all 3 classes so I got to see just about everyone make their way through the workout and it was amazing to see how hard everyone pushed. It was really cool, I could not wait to get in there and do it. ( I ended up doing the last class of the day.) So anyways I was paired up with Sean and he did awesome. He came out just flying and his ROM was flawless. He killed his old score! I always like working out with Sean, he is a great motivator and really knows how to get more out of me when I feel like stopping. So....I was up after him and I tried to stay steady...I wanted to get at least 20 reps per station except for the rower, I wanted 10 - 15 there. I can't remember my scores per round but I stayed pretty consistent. On my third round after wall ball and sumo deadlifts I got to the box jumps and I seriously did not think I was going to finish without losing my breakfast. Luckily I made it through the last 3 stations and felt pretty good. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and lot of people did amazing today. Eva impressed the hell out of me. She kicked ass!! :)

This might get a little lengthy....So the past week was a fun and challenging week for me. I stayed so busy all week it felt like the week just flew by. I wanted to try and stay active as much as I could this week to kind of see where I am in my fitness.

So it started out last Saturday with a very good partner work out. Then Sunday I spent the day snowboarding for basically the first time ( some previous posts explain that) and that got me sore!!!!! Then Monday I did the 7:30 work out and drove to Seattle for work and then that night I tired out Hot Yoga for the first time and continued to do that the next 3 nights after work while I was in Seattle. Then I drove back on Thursday and hit a RF work out at 5:30. Then the next morning I did the 7:30 am work out at RF. Then Saturday morning did the RF work out FGB.
Through all of this I was super strict on my diet and felt great even though it was a somewhat challenging week my recovery time was great and my energy was up!

Also....I lost about 5 pounds this week through all of this, usually that is too much to lose in a week but if I am working this hard and not cheating in my eating habits I am not worried about it. It would be different if I was constantly hungry and lost the weight by not eating enough, but that is not the case. If I was not eating enough, I could not keep up this kind of energy and do these work outs. So in the past 5 weeks, I have lost about 18 pounds and am continuing to get stronger.


3 rounds, 1 minute at each station with a 1 minute rest between rounds

Wall ball
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75 lbs
Box Jumps
Push Presses 75 lbs
Row for calories

Score: 316


5:30 oatmeal with protein/flax oil/glutamine
9:00 protein bar
10:30 protein drink
12:30 5 triscuts, 2 string cheese, a yogurt
3:00 HUB..hummus with veggies, Bavarian pretzels, pear and nut salad with chicken
7:00 protien and milk

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I worked out early Monday morning at RF and then headed straight for Seattle for 4 days.  I got back tonight and hit the 5:30 class at RF.....I basically only missed 2 days but it seemed like forever.  So it was great to get back in there tonight.  It was a good tough work out tonight that had me gasping for air by the end of the 3rd round.  That is a good sign that you gave just about everything you have.  Thanks to Matt G., I spent myself early trying to catch him.  He did awesome tonight and kept all 3 of this times under 2 minutes.  

We also did push presses tonight and I just wasn't feeling strong while doing them.  I should have backed off on the weight and got some better quality lifts in.  That is just not a strong lift for me yet, I need to work more on the technique before trying to go any heavier.  

So it was a great night and it felt really good being back!!  

I am looking forward to fight gone bad on Saturday.  I hope all of you are going to be there, the more I look at the work doesn't look any different then a lot of the other things we have been doing week in and week out.  Nathan has done a great job getting us all prepared for these 5 exercises and I am looking forward to giving it my all.  

Work out:

5 sets of 3 push presses and 8 ring rows
135/155/175/185 attempt failed


Sprint 3 rounds for time - rest 3 minutes between rounds

Row 250 meters
20 ball slams / 20 lb ball
spring to end of parking lot and back.

Times:  1:54/2:04/2:11


Oatmeal with protein and 2 eggs
protein and water
chicken salad
protein and water
San Sai / 6 pieces of tuna sashimi, 3 pieces of tuna nigiri, small salad
protein and water

I am looking forward to this WOD on Saturday. Here is a good video about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Post

Hot Yoga was good, I laid there in the practice room for 30 minutes before the class started and I fell asleep before it started.....for some reason I kept dreaming that I was swinging a kettlebell and I kept throwing my hands in the air while I was sleeping and jerking myself awake. The heat in there does feel good. As soon as I started the class though I was sweating a lot more then I did last night. I dropped 5 pounds during the class. I am sure I already replenished that 5 pounds with water and dinner. But it is just amazing how much you can sweat out in 90 minutes. Okay, I am sure you all don't want to hear about me sweating.....I am going to bed. hahaha

Work out:

Still in Seattle....Did 90 minutes of Hot Yoga


2 eggs, 1/2 cup oatmeal with protein
protein, water
salmon salad
protein, water
chicken salad

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Yoga

What a day! I woke up this morning very tight and sore from snowboarding on Sunday. I go in and took the 7:30 class at Recreate Fitness and felt great after the warm up and had a really good work out. I got a new PR on my front squat...225 for 1. I struggled for that rep and kinda lost my form. It was messy....I definately let the weight psyche me out. But I will count it. :)

From there I drove up to Seattle to work up there for the next couple days. A friend of mine has been raving so much about "hot yoga" and the studio she goes to up in Federal Way. So I decided to give it a try tonight. It was tough to stay in that kind of heat but I stayed in the room the whole 90 minutes. My friend thought that it was about 108 or 110 in the room tonight which is hotter then normal. ( my luck ) About 30 minutes into it I started to feel a little queezy and dizzy which they say is normal and just had to lay there for about 5 minutes until I felt a little better. All in all it was good and I enjoyed the deep stretches. My training at RF really helped me for 2 reasons.
1. Strength obviously.....there were a lot of squat like positions and I was able to hold them solid.

2. Mental toughness...I never really thought about this too much before but the past 3 months at RF, I have learned to keep pushing myself and telling myself that I can do it even when I feel like I can't take it anymore. That really helped my tonight because a few times I thought, it was too hot, I couldn't get a deeper stretch, I can't breathe right.....but I pushed through all those my mind focused and made it through. So, I liked it...but I can't see doing it all the time. I am going to do it again the next couple nights while in Seattle for my work outs.

Work out:

Strength. Front Squat 3/3/3/1/1/1 with cross chop to halos.
135/145/155/ 175/205/225

15 minutes of

10 2 hand swings
10 2 hand kb flip, catch, squat 35 lb.
10 box jumps

I did 10 rounds.


Oatmeal, protein, flax, glutamine
protein, water
chicken salad
protein, water
chicken salad with fruit and cheese

YEAH!!!!  No broken bones!  I had such a great time with David, Devon and Tiff up at Ski Bowl yesterday.  We get there and I decided to take a lesson when I rented my equipment.  The price for the lesson, rental and lift was only $54.00 which I thought was a pretty good deal.  So as I did the lesson the other 3 went off and did a few runs and I got some good tips on some basics....mainly how to get around with one foot in the board.  So when I was done with the lesson we met up and up we went on the lift to do my first run.  I got off the lift with not a huge problem, well for me, I did almost take out David.  hahaha  So we get strapped in and off I go and all I could do was stay on my toe side.  Devon and Tiff came down and gave me some good pointers and all of the sudden it just all made sense and I was able to make it down without too many falls.  The more we went down the faster I got and the easier it got to get in control.  I think I got in 7 runs and they got in 11 total.  The only thing that hurt when we left yesterday was my left butt cheek...but around 9 last night I think just about every part of my body was stiff.  :)  Then waking up this morning there was a lot of cracking and popping going on.  This mornings work out should be interesting.  

 I couldn't have asked for a better day and such great friends to be there with to help me and encourage me.  I will definitely be going back and I think I am starting to feel an addiction coming on.  For those of you who know me, you know that is not a good thing as I seem to get a little obsessed.  hahaha  

Devon, got some good pictures, once they get them posted on their blog I will put up a link.  

Thanks again you guys!!