Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Check up

So I decided to to go do a couple things today to see where I am at medically speaking.  I scheduled a physical with my Dr. and also scheduled a hydrostatic body fat test.  

First off at Dr., things went really good and I am looking forward to getting all my blood work back to see how things like my blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are doing.  They were pretty good the last time I had them checked but I am hoping for a very good report back. 

Then I went for the hydrostatic test.  This was the first time I have done this type of body fat test and everyone tells me it is the most accurate way to measure body fat. So the day before I started working out at Recreate Fitness back in November, I got my body fat tested and I was at 35%, well after a little over 5 months I am at 16%!!!  The test came back as 179 lbs of lean (muscle, bones, organs) 35 lbs of fat.  Which for my age and build puts me in an ideal bmi.  That is probably the first time in my life I have ever heard that.  
So in a little over 5 months at recreate, I lost 25 pounds and 19% body fat!  I wish I knew how much lean muscle I have added...

Work out:

10 heavy kettle bell swing - 24k/28k/36k
play fetch with  a 30 pound d ball 3x

Work out:
Partner work out: 30/30 6x

jumping pull ups
wall ball 20 lbs
rope snaps


  1. jami said...
    Aaron! This is so, so great!!
    Lindsay said...
    Congrats - this is amazing!

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