Sunday, April 5, 2009


I stopped into REI yesterday to pick up a small gift for a friend for his birthday yesterday.  While I was in there I started looking at back packs and hiking equipment because I keep toying around with the idea that I want to jump into it this year.  Well after having dinner with him and his friends last night and hearing some of their stories and advice,I really want to start hiking.  I have always loved the outdoors and walking trails, but for whatever reason I have never followed through with actually going out and doing it!  I live in the Great NW for goodness sakes!  It isn't like I can't find anywhere interesting to go.  Between all the great places within an hour of Portland and all the trips I make up to Seattle there are probably hundreds of easily accessible challenging trails.  I want to find ones that are challenging and scenic so I can also do my photography while I am hiking.  I am curious to find out how my fitness level will work out on some of these difficult hikes/climbs.  I am sure I am in for a rude awakening!   So now the obsessing and research begins and equipment, trails, safety, rules, what to bring, etc...  Good thing I have some good friends that are very experienced with hiking and climbing to give me some advice. 

Work out:
Partner work out - 

6 times sprint around the building
6 times heavy med ball carry
100 double kb swing.  (ended up using a 44k kb)  long story!  haha
100 ball slams 25 lb ball
100 med ball passes
6 times mini leg circuit
6 times row 250 meters

Katie was an awesome partner!  I think our time was 25:21


1 can of tuna fish and two corn tortillas 
banana chips
a lot of Lebanese food (was really good)


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